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The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) represent a vision for education where students, over multiple years of school, deepen their understanding of core ideas in science and engineering through active engagement with science and engineering practices and application of crosscutting concepts (NRC Framework, 2012). Achieving this vision will require major shifts in the way that science is taught and valued in the K-12 classroom.

Effective implementation of NGSS requires sustained professional learning to build the capacity of teachers and leaders. Providing teachers with an initial exposure and time to deepen their understanding of the standards is a start. The complex and challenging work of planning and teaching with NGSS in mind, as well as assessing students in a three-dimensional way, will require changes in teacher beliefs, content knowledge, and pedagogical skills.

The information on this website has been organized by the San Diego County Office of Education to help educators learn about and deepen understanding of NGSS, plan science instruction, develop assessments, and evaluate materials for alignment to the new standards.

If you have a resource to contribute or a link to share, please contact John Spiegel, Science Coordinator at the San Diego County Office of Education, at  

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