Resource Center

Planning Instruction for the NGSS

NGSS Resources, Simulations, Activities, and Experiments - Compilation of websites that offer lessons that are or can be adapted to meet the three dimensional nature of NGSS. (GoogleDoc Link)

NGSS Planning Tool - A template to plan NGSS units and lessons using the BSCS 5E Instructional Model. An evaluation rubric to guide planning is included. (Microsoft Word Document)

The BSCS 5E Instructional Model: Personal Reflections and Contemporary Implications - by Rodger W. Bybee. (PDF File)

BSCS 5E Instructional Model - Two page summary from Achieving Scientific Literacy. (Word Document)

NGSS@NSTA Hub - A collection of resources, articles, and vetted activities related to NGSS put together by the National Science Teachers Association. (Web Link)

Planning Tool For Asking Questions and Defining Problems - (Google Document)

Planning Tool For Developing and Using Models - (Google Document)

Planning Tool For Constructing Explanations and Designing Solutions - (Google Document)

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